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2018 Platinum issues

Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by ml2018, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. ml2018

    ml2018 New Member

    Greetings everyone. This would be my first post here, as I am new to this site, and to Toyota in general.
    I am posting here, as this refers to this specific build of Sequoia - the Platinum of 2018.
    I got my first 2018 Platinum Sequoia (4x4) in October. I was happy and excited about all the new safety features and creature comfort it provides on the new model.
    Well, my excitement was short lived.
    3rd day of ownership, the issues started. Mostly sensors: blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic, collision prevention, etc.... lights up like a Christmas tree, and invited me to visit the dealer.
    Almost 3 weeks later, some of the sensors were changed by the dealer, 3 visits already, and not even 500 miles, the issue is still there.
    What is the worst? They can't fix it... well, not permanently. I am getting home and the next morning the issue is up again. Some times it disappear when I restart the engine, some times, it doesn't.
    Long story short: 5 more visits, still not fixed. Toyota sent their tech and that did not solved it either. Is now a buyback under the lemon law, and they did replaced with a new one.
    That would have made me happy....only that the new vehicle has the same issue at 20 miles (!!!!)
    3 months later, a 2nd identical vehicle, new with the same issues... this is not an accident anymore - I think that Toyota has a bigger issue on their hands right now as I see other people having the same issue on Platinum 2018 models ...
    For me, this is the first, and probably the last Toyota - at this time I don't put too much trust in Toyota's abilities to fix it in time, or at all....
  2. chinalfr

    chinalfr Member

    First year of production since new facelift and some changes on the gauge cluster. Expect to have some issues as Toyota will work on fixing the bug.

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  3. tdv2018

    tdv2018 New Member

    Im new to this. just bought 2018 Seq Plt for 1 week. Everything is ok so far but here is the issue. when I start the engine and then shift the gear, the car go for about very short distance and I feel a light grinding noise. This happened every times when I stop and then start then engine. Does anyone pay attention to this? It kinda bother me not knowing what it is
  4. Dave Kerr

    Dave Kerr New Member

    I just purchased a 2018 TRD Sport and have not had any troubles. The TSS takes some learning and getting used to. Toyota Date of First Use: March, 13, 2018

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