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Anybody recommended parts for suspension? Also, any upper and lower control arms? I don't want to buy Autozone or Oreilly parts when i could find better performance parts. I hope to use my 2004 Toyota Sequoia as a camping and maybe a trail car.
2021 TRD Sport, Midnight Black Metallic, Premium Pkg, Skid Plate, endless supply of German Shepherd hair to protect the carpeting.
Hello, I am new to the forums. I have a 2002 Seq Limited 4WD, need to replace rear bumper and just upgraded wheels and tires, rather than OEM bumper and repaint was considering aftermarket bumper. What were your mod? or any recommendations? Having a hard time finding aftermarket rear bumpers. Thanks!
wow.. I just joined too. I se no one responded to your post. I think this forum is dead :( Most likely everyone moved to Facebook? I literally just bought my 2003 last week. I am waiting for the FB acceptance now :)