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2006 White SR5

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by mulze42, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Hey everybody. I want to introduce you to my truck. It's a white 2006 SR5. I picked it up in August 2017 with 170k miles on it but it runs smooth.

    As of 7/27/18 - 184k miles

    • Bilstein 5100s Top Notch
    • Stock Coils
    • New OEM Lower Control Arms (Replaced under frame restoration)
    • Total Chaos Diff drop (Sourced from 1stGen Offroad)
    • SPC Upper Control Arms (Sourced from 1stGen Offroad)
    • Dobinson GS59-685s
    • ARB OME 2862s
    • Stock Wheels
    • 265/65/r17 Cooper AT3's
    General Maintenance Performed
    • Brand new frame @175k miles per Toyota frame recall
    • Replaced passenger-side headlight
    • Replaced fog lights with yellow LEDs
    • Replaced parking lights with LEDs
    • Replaced interior / license plate lights with LEDs
    • Replaced headlight bulbs with OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H4 lights
    • Replaced steering rack bushing with Energy Suspension 810104G Bushing
    • Upgraded windshield wipers to Denso 160-3119 OEM blades
    • Replaced CV boot clamps with McMaster Carr hose clamps with rounded edges and replaced grease.
    • Fluid flush / new brake pads / rotors / calipers @ 18ok ($3k in total to have it done by a shop).
    • Heater T and hose replacement
    • AVS 194235 In-Channel Ventshades
    • Fire Extinguisher (mounted in 3rd row driver side)
    • GTA Car Kits Pure Bluetooth setup
    • Paracord rear hatch pull-handle
    • Sal's Rear Window switch mod
    • Sal's ambient light mod
    • Rear drawers / sleeping platform
    • Sal's awesome Roof Rack with a 1530 Front Runner Accessory compatibility twist.
    • ARB Rear Differential Breather

    Coming soon:
    • Window screens
    • 275/75 R17 BFGATs @ 200k miles
    • Dual battery / inverter
    • Metal Rear hatch handle upgrade or replace entire rear door

    IMG_8983.JPG IMG_9481.JPG IMG_9479.JPG IMG_9480.JPG
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  2. tekem

    tekem New Member

    Was the frame replacement dealer initiated? I have a 2002 and the dealer told me back in August they put a hold on the frame replacements. My frame looks like swiss cheese. Guess they want me to give up on the truck before they replace the frame...

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  3. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Yeah it was dealer initiated. I took it in and they told me that it had a few holes and after submitting it to Toyota it was approved for a frame replacement. If you have multiple dealers in your area take it to the other dealers. Per the lawsuit you are allowed to get multiple opinions.
  4. tekem

    tekem New Member

    Thank you for this info

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  5. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Lift Completed:

    During my frame replacement I had the dealer replace the timing belt, water pump, steering racking bushing, and last but not least a lift for the Sequoia.

    I went with the classic Bilstein 5100s and ARB real coils while keeping the stock front coils. It turned out really well I think but now the tires look to small. Next steps are 275s, a drawer system and Sal's (I'm envious of every project he does) red LED for the overhead console.

    IMG_9718.JPG IMG_9719.JPG
  6. tekem

    tekem New Member

    How long did the frame replacement take? And did they charge for anything else? Like to replace other rusty parts?

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  7. Rezkid

    Rezkid New Member

    Nice! What rear coils did you end up going with?
  8. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    I dropped the Sequoia off on December 19th and got it back on January 2nd. Take into account holidays and the actual frame replacement should take about 40 hours. And they didn't charge me for anything else for rusty parts.

    WIRE, FRAME 821640C041 1
    FRAME SUB-ASSY 040017560C 1
    PLUG, HOLE KIT 0400718334 1
    GASKET, DRAIN PLUG 1215710010 1
    RING, DRIVE SHAFT SN 4342504020 2
    TUBE, FR BRAKE, NO.6 473160C040 1
    TUBE, RR BRAKE, NO.2 473220C070 1
    TUBE, RR BRAKE, NO.3 473230C060 1
    TUBE, RR BRAKE, NO.5 473250C060 1
    TUBE, RR BRAKE, NO.6 473260C030 1
    GASKET 9043024003 1
    PIN, COTTER 9538104045 2
    ARM SUB-ASSY, SUSPEN 4806834040 1
    ARM SUB-ASSY, SUSPEN 4806934040 1
    BUMPER SUB-ASSY, FR 483040C010 2
    BUMPER SUB-ASSY, FR 483050C010 2
    BRAKE FLUID 004751BF03 3

    Those were what was replaced.
  9. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    I went with these:

  10. tekem

    tekem New Member

    Awesome... enjoy your vehicle.

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  11. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    So I went ahead and got to install the ambient lighting mod that Sal posted for his rig. One change that I made to was to add a switch located in the sunglasses holder. Two things to note is that I made the hole too big for the LED so I had to superglue it into place, and the second thing is that I would next time put the switch on the other side of the sunglasses holder because the location that I put it in nearly butts up against the sunroof motor. But either way great hack! Thank you Sal. Next up is installing differential breathers, the creation of windows screens for the two rear windows and the back window for camping inside of the truck as well as a drawer system / sleeping platform thats in the design stages.

    IMG_9750.JPG IMG_9751.JPG IMG_9752.JPG
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  12. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Rear Drawers and Sleeping Platform aka Tree Trunks

    Type: Project

    Utilized heavy inspiration from cruzerDave's KISS drawers (I scoured his thread on MUD for any tidbits of info I could find. I also reached out to him too for help which he graciously did) along with the build threads from Expo Portal. But the idea was simple, to build a set of drawers that could double as a sleeping platform with the second row folded down when camping. However, there are two separate drawers in there so one can be removed to add in a 3rd row seat if necessary (need to still test that out). The project definitely had its challenges and there will definitely be some revisions (drop the height by an 1") to it but it was a great learning experience for me and really fun to design and build.

    $675 based on the cost of cruzerDave's 100-series KISS drawers costing $600
    R&D Final cost: $889.96
    Next build cost: $400 per side $800 total (though I know I could get it cheaper after using my lessons learned below by about $50-$100 per side)

    Lessons Learned:
    • Add 40% to all budgets for projects
    • Square up boards before cutting boards (aka shave off 1/8" to bring everything in square) and use 5x5 boards
    • Take into account thickness of material on-top and U-bolts for final measurements in CAD
    • Stick to ΒΌ" increments for fastener lengths, one type of head (philips) and use Fastenal for exact amounts = lower cost
    • Utilize Drill press or Lowrider CNC for next drawer cuts
    • Label everything before final assembly (could cut down on a couple of hours of assembly
    • Don't glue drawers together. Only use fasteners.
      Drawer Build 1.jpg Drawer Build 2.jpg Drawer Build 3.jpg Drawer Build 4.jpg Drawer Build 5.jpg Drawer Build 6.jpg Drawer Build 7.jpg Drawer Build 8.JPG IMG_9989.JPG IMG_9990.JPG
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  13. Maxkull

    Maxkull New Member

    Wow! Sweet build! I must build similar :)
    Are you willing to share the build plan dimensions?
    Thank you for sharing/inspiring.

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  14. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Thank you! I assume you are talking about the drawer? What dimensions do you require? Overall?
  15. Maxkull

    Maxkull New Member

    Well I have the exact same vehicle so whatever your dimensions were for the build.

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  16. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Maxkull I forget which program I continued to do the CAD design on them on so I will take a look and get the overall dimensions of one side to you around Monday sometime.

    In the meantime, have a lot of projects to get done before June 1st including:

    1. Sal's roof rack which homemade wind deflector (Already have run into issues about stripping an over torqued bolt on one of the rails and I'm a bit worried that the 1/2" ABS plastic that I have won't be tall enough for the 1530 bars I ordered).
    2. Install new Powerstop pads and rotors as my brakes are just screeching right now and its annoying / embarrasing.
    3. Replace the 5100s on the back with the GS59-685s (copying Sal again, no shame here)
    4. Make up window screens for camping in the truck

  17. Maxkull

    Maxkull New Member

    Ok great thank you very much,
    Do you think you will be posting your projects up here? I am particularly also interested In the roof rack your doing.

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  18. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Yup I'll post the projects like I did with the drawers.
  19. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    I've attached two drawings, one for the drawer portion and one for one side of the drawer platform. The dimensions aren't perfect but this should give you a basis to work off of.

    Attached Files:

  20. Maxkull

    Maxkull New Member

    Excellent thank you so much!

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