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    New / first time owner - 2003 brought to OH from FL

    154k miles, black, very clean. RWD. mechanically seems well sorted and up to date on maintenance intervals and some replacement parts... brake booster, radiator, cooling fan, timing belt, water pump, goodyear assurance tires (a little oversized). no codes, just did an o2 sensor for 65 bucks...
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    Transmission fluid change?

    Today is Sunday "do car maintenance stuff" day. I'm working on my daughter's CRV and while looking for some paperwork came across the last major work on my wife's 2007 2WD Sequoia. The car runs flawlessly with the exception of the secondary pump issue when starting. But in going over the...
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    Unanswered 2004 Limited Tranny Fluid Change

    I have an 04 Sequiia with 240,000 miles on it. I don’t know the history on the transmission fluid change. I read in some places you shouldn’t drain and refill because it may break the transmission. Others say do it. What should I do? Drain and flush or pay to have it completely changed?
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    Shift points

    I have a 2013 Sequoia Limited and the shift points seem to be off. Almost like its stuck in tow mode. Hard acceleration from a stop and rpm's go too high. I have to back off the gas in order for it to shift which defeats the purpose of accelerating. Also when accelerating while driving, it down...