Transmission fluid change?


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Sep 29, 2019
Today is Sunday "do car maintenance stuff" day. I'm working on my daughter's CRV and while looking for some paperwork came across the last major work on my wife's 2007 2WD Sequoia. The car runs flawlessly with the exception of the secondary pump issue when starting. But in going over the paperwork where we did our 90k mile major service: timing belt, associated parts, new radiator, differential drained, etc... I noticed that the shop had not changed the transmission fluid. I admit I assumed they would.

brief segway - I happen to have a 2003 Acura in my driveway that has had tranny issues (old news) so fluids I pay attention too.

Taking a look at my owner's guide - I don't see a "change it as this mileage" - it's all "inspect". Huh.

Now, we do not tow anything with this truck, so I'm just wondering if "inspect" is good enough. Thoughts?

Karl karason

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Oct 7, 2019
I just got a used 09 Toyota Sequoia
Called my brother and asked the same question.
He is a certified mechanic.
He said change it but don have it flushed.
So I did .
He gave an elaborate explanation of some valves in the transmission.
I just did it as I allways have it changed when I buy a used car