What to look for during acceleration of used 2004 Sequoia


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Jun 2, 2021
Hey guys!Hey everyone! Looking to be a new owner here and just wanted a general thumbs up or not on this Sequoia I am looking at purchasing this week..
It has 250K on the dash. 4WD.
anything in the transmission shifting i should look for that could be a sign of future concern??

engine light is on for sensor supposedly...
Timing belt, water pump and all that was done at 210K mile mark.
Broken back trunk.. Latch wont open but window works. no rust concerns. all stock.
Tires and aftermarket wheels are almost new.

Basically my biggest question is do you think I would get like 1 - 1.5 years of use out of this without dumping a ton of money in it.. I know they are reputable I have just never owned or ridden in one for that matter. Any weird tips to look for on test drive? I will watch youtube videos and as well. Thanks in advance for any advice!!!


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