Toyota Sequoia OEM transponder key and remote key fob replacement

Mar 29, 2017

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This is a guide to help you replaced OEM transponder key or remote key fob. If you lost your key, you will need to get a replacement transponder key. Typical replacement key cost as much as $200+ dollar replacement from dealership. This is because the key has a transponder chip and need to be reprogrammed. Same as remote key fob. If your truck have remote door lock/security system, replacement key fob also need to be reprogrammed.

For Gen 2 sequoia, I finally learn how I can replace OEM key and key fob. I learn how to reprogram the ransponder key and remote key fob registration.

For Gen 2 sequoia, the vehicle ECU can support up to 4 transponder keys registration, 1 master and 3 slaves. The ECU also can support up to 4 key fobs registration. If you have more than 4 transponder key or remoe key fobs, you will be out of luck to reprogram the 5th key/key fob. You will need to erase all the existing key registration and start from scratch.

Here is a few information needed to identify your key and key fob.

Key - There is 2 different kind of transponder key.
  1. Dot chip - Dot chip key can be identified on your oem key body. There is a white dot on the key body
  2. G chip - G chip key can be identified on the key body with a G marked.
Remote Key Fob - FCC ID : xxxxxxxxx

Identified your key transponder chip and match your key fob FCC ID.
I found an audi style key fob + key transporder at Ebay.

First, purchased your blank key or remote keyfob from ebay or other online source (amazon). Once you received your blank key, have a locksmith cut the blank key to match your master key. Most locksmith can do this task. I paid $11 to have a locksmith cut my blank. The key fob cost me about $40.

I use a program call Techstream. Techstream can read your vehicle ECU and reprogram new setting. Beside reading OBD2 and can-bus protocol, it can also do a lot of customization setting, such as door, seat belt....etc. Search for Techstream on Ebay and you will find tons of info. You will need a OBD2 adapter to connect your computer to the vehicle OBD2 connector. I used a laptop for easy portability.

Here is the picture comparing OEM key/key fob vs ebay Audi style all-in-one key fob.

Here is a picture of the OBD2 adapter I'm using to connect my laptop to the vehicle OBD2 port.

Are you confused about remote key fob programming? Did you find a programming steps from google on how to reprogram Toyota/Lexus remote key fob? None of the listed online method will work on Gen 2 sequoia (2008-now). There is no sequence to engage the key fob learning mode. You will need to use Techstream to read the ECU. Then run the key fob registration task. As mention, you can add up to 4 remote key fobs. Once you run the key fob registration task and follow all the steps, you will successfully registered your new key fob to the ECU. For transponder key, you need to run new key registration. Follow all the steps listed and your new transponder key will be registered to the ECU. Registered transponder key mean ECU allow your key to start the vehicle. Unregistered transponder key will triggered immobilization security and disable your vehicle.
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