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Smola's 2003 Toyota Sequoia Build Thread

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Jim Smola, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Question in one of the first pics in your original post you have two gun cases that look suspended on the side of the truck around the right rear wheel. How are they suspended?
  2. desertrunner04

    desertrunner04 New Member

    Thanks for posting all those pics. It looks like the Addicted from bumper mounts to 6 points on the weld-in crossmember, is that correct? I'm trying to decide how much support I need for the winch bumper I'm building. Are there any pics of the backside of your front bumper showing the mounting points on the bumper itself? Thanks
  3. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Administrator Staff Member Founding Member

    It’s a step that attaches to the tire.

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  4. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Thank you very much. Great idea and awesome truck.
  5. Jason Schweitzer

    Jason Schweitzer New Member

    Im new here and dont know how this works. I have 01 sequoia and want to find proper mounts for a 52 inch light bar. Any help would be great thanks
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  6. angerhater

    angerhater New Member

    really nice rig. are you on ih8mud?
  7. Jason Schweitzer

    Jason Schweitzer New Member

    Nope just like you NEW
  8. Jason Schweitzer

    Jason Schweitzer New Member

    This guy is a real TOOL right!!
  9. Silverstang91

    Silverstang91 New Member

    SMOA, I finally got to see all your detailed work. Man I am JEALOUS!!!!! I am goimg to copy a lot of your builds to get "Coyote" built up. I am hoping to have some things done for Colorado in August.
  10. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Are you able to provide any details on the roof rack? Looks like a Prinsu but they don't make them for 1st Gens. Either way it looks awesome.
  11. AT Salty

    AT Salty New Member

    Like mulze42, I'd love to know where you found the slotted aluminum side rails for your roof rack. I will be building a similar rack and for the life of me, can't seem to find that product. I will be using 80/20 and some sort of grid so I can walk on the roof. I want the rack and fairing to sit in front of the sunroof like yours.
    Slick ride man...thanks Jim
  12. Jeff

    Jeff New Member

    Love this build ,,, love this Site / Forum
  13. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    its not off the shelf. Custom made.

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