Sequoia Summit 2018

Apr 5, 2017
Sooooo bad news. Im not sure ill be able to make it. Been lookin at getting a new job and i just heard back from the government job i applied for and they want me so i wont even start to accrue time off for another 6 months:/

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Aug 27, 2018
Hope this event is planned for next year. Dissapointed I didnt see this event earlier in the year. Would have made me rethink our annual summer trip to Breck that we cancelled. Been going out there for 7 years now and have yet to hit the trails. 3 young kids and our summer trips are usually a CO road warrior vaction in a free rental minivan (points from company travel), with the usual trip to St. Elmo (which I have came close to creep up the tincup and handcock in the mini van). When we do take our 4x4, its in the winter. We passed the year cause my youngest (2.5 year old) would not be able to handle the 18 hour car ride, and is not quite hotel friendly yet. But I have been itching to bring my sequoia or 3rd gen 4runner out there for sometime.

My buddy and a few others from my group here in the Midwest said they saw a bunch of modified sequoias in the Ouray area this year. Typically Im on mud and cause the rest of the forums are dead, and i lurk on pirate. Havent seen anything like that posted, so a few searches in google and here I am.