Sequoia 1rst Gen Viper 4806 remote start Full instructions.


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Oct 25, 2018
Viper 4806 remote starter paired with ADS TB transponder bypass. Perfect combo, made for the 1rst gen sequoia.

Instructions are exact to the last detail. This remote starter is excellent and has very good range and it's small, not bulky like the factory one and can do much more from temperature read out in the interior of the car and pit stop mode ( allowing you to make a quick stop without shutting the car and you can take the key and remote out and lock the car while it's on and go inside the store and come back)

I have installed a viper remote start on two sequoias, one on my sisters 2001 and one on mine, a 2005. One remote from 4806 to replace factory fob. This fob will unlock doors and slide the rear window.

Here is the links to look at to identify the wires. I will post pictures in the near future of the full install but for now study these diagrams that are exact instructions for the 1rst gen sequoia and are 100% precise to a T.

Here is the fist link about the wire identification and location:

Here is the link for the bypass bellow:

You will be looking at page 1, 2, 4, 8 and page 9 which contains the installation diagram ( TYPE 1 WIRING DIAGRAM)

Ignition wires are under the kick panel, tach wire is under the glove box very easy to get to.

Here is the diagram for the door locks bellow: ( you will have to get into the door panel and wire the wires to the door lock module and install the relay that will be connected to the door locks) this diagram will enable on click unlock button for driver door and second for all other doors.

I will post some pics soon but for now try and read this info and ask me any questions you may have. It's time I gave back to the sequoia community for all the help.

I also restored the frame on my sequoia and removed it on my own in my home garage and towed it to the sandblasting site and painted it my self so if you need help with that I can help. I removed the frame on my own as I was unable to find a write up about the frame restoration.
I just finished putting it back on so now all brand new parts will be going on it.

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