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Roof Racks

Discussion in '1Gen Exterior Modifications' started by Soy-Quoia, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Soy-Quoia

    Soy-Quoia Member

    What is everyone running for roof racks? I am currently running Yakima crossbars with an atv ramp bolted together for a flat platform. I ran this rack on my Montero for years but am looking to go a little more low-profile. The Montero was a lower height vehicle and I had no issues with standard garage doors. With the rack installed on the Soy, I can not longer fit in a garage. Other than the height issue, I really like my rack. It was cheap, is very sturdy, and has lots of mounting options. I can throw some tubs up there, or my Thule cargo box, mount my portable grille, anything and everything that will fit on the 48"x70" space. Here is my current setup from my build thread:



    I really like the Gobi, but Gobi likes to get paid! They are a great rack but a little steep for me right now. I reached out to Gamiviti to see if their rack may fit a Sequoia. They design the main rack to fit anywhere from the 60 series to the 100 series. It sounds like I have not been the first to ask them. They are interested in working with me on figuring out fitment. We will see what comes of that.

    Has anyone else looked into the factory roof rail bolt spacing between a Sequoia and a 100 Series? I don't have access to a 100 Series locally, otherwise I would measure one up. They appear to be similar. Assumably, the Sequoia has a longer roof, and rails, but the Gamiviti's have a very wide variety of bolting options and I'm hoping we can make one fit. At less than half the Gobi price, and similar build quality, it will be a great deal!

    Let's see some pictures of some other roof racks.
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  2. Cburns

    Cburns New Member

    I'd love to hear how this progresses for you. I just got a '16 Soy and am looking to gear up the roof. But I'm stumped on the factory weight rating of 150lbs? Is that for the crossbars or the siderails? I saw the Gobi racks and agree, they are proud of them. I'd like to get a base I can stack a foldout tent onto, and help is appreciated!!!
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  3. Soy-Quoia

    Soy-Quoia Member

    A '16 will be completely different then my roof. The second gen Sequoia changed a lot from the first but we will see. From talking with Gamiviti, if we can get the 100 series LC setup to work on the first gen Sequoia, it sounds like they will look into the second gen as well.

    As for weight, the rating Toyota gives is for the entire roof rack, including the cross bars. The factory cross bars are the weak link. There are many guys that have mounted roof top tents to the roof utilizing the factory side rails and/or a set of aftermarket bars like a Yakima or Thule rack. I personally use a Yakima set up with three cross bars and my aluminum platform on top. I would have no issue pulling my platform and setting a RTT up there.
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  4. Cburns

    Cburns New Member

    That is super helpful, thanks! I am with you, I prefer the Yakima setup, as I've had a lowrider system on a 4Runner for a decade, and I like quickly changing attachments for sports from season to season (winter/summer).

    My next challenge was height, and using a Yak setup which stacks on top of factory siderails I was getting to decision of do I want to be attaching/unattach every time I use pieces of gear... I just looked at the Gamiviti system for the first time, and it does look/function great. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the 100 series works on your 1st gen. I'll keep checking back here, if you will post when you find out...?
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  5. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    Custom built. Couldn't justify spending $$$ on an LC100 FrontRunner Slimline II or a Gobi system. I also didn't like that they added height to my already tall ride, so I fabbed a drop in aluminum rack.

  6. Big Tree

    Big Tree New Member

    Here is mine I designed and built a couple years ago..love it glad I didn't buy a rack. Oh and a sneak peek of what I'm building now..

    Attached Files:

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  7. dnp

    dnp New Member

    Any details you could offer on this rack? Source for the slats and side rails, etc? That's exactly the type of rack I want for my '01 Sequoia
  8. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Hey Big Tree I just noticed this. Do you happen to have any more information on your setup that you can provide?
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  9. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    if you go on his build page 2002 Sequoia Limited I think its called he has several mentions on there.
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  10. aXe Offroad

    aXe Offroad New Member

    We are working on designing a modular rack system for the 1st gen Sequoia. This will come with options for those that do and don't want full length racks. It will also maintain a low profile.
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  11. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Awesome! Any time line you can provide?
  12. aXe Offroad

    aXe Offroad New Member

    I have a customer looking for options so I am working on a design for him, but this will be something we offer going forward. If everything stays on track we should be able to make the 1st prototype around the mid/end of June.
  13. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Awesome! Will be interested in what you come up with. Definitely a niche out there for one.
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  14. Deeznutz206

    Deeznutz206 New Member

    I would be interested in this!
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  15. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    Axe off road , any updates?
  16. aXe Offroad

    aXe Offroad New Member

    No not yet, I have been tied up with other orders. This is still very much on the to do list though!
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  17. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    Sounds good! Patiently waiting for the hidden winch for the 05s and up!

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