Rear axle swap with FJ for E-locker


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Jul 16, 2018
Hey guys! My first post on here, but I’ve been reading all over.

I have an 02 LTD 2WD (I happily got as a hand me down 1st car a year ago) and everyone knows that basically means 1WD in any off road or rainy day situation.

My friend has a 2011 FJ with the LSD and E-locker options and they works beautifully. I haven’t done much research but I’m wondering if I could go to a junk car lot and scavenge for an FJ’s rear axle with the E-locker and modify to fit my sequoia. Of course that would entail (If possible) cutting and welding shock mounts and all that fun stuff for our trucks. Or simply take the E-locker out and re-gear. (I haven’t looked into if they’re geared differently)

I get that it might sound crazy and like a lot more work than just buying one but if I can find one in a wrecked car lot and purchase it for cheap it might be a fun and unique task.

Anyways, thanks. I’ll post some pictures of my rig here soon I haven’t taken any good ones yet but my current build is

-4th gen 4Runner TRD spec wheels
-285/75r/16 BFG KO2’s
-Bought them as a set of 5 off Facebook for 1k! , 75% tread life left.

- front: Bilstein 5100 adj ride height at 2.4 in lift
- rear: OME 2862 rear coils and Dobinsons GS59-685 shocks at 2 inch lift.

I plan on doing much more but being 17, school sucks up most of my time and most of my pay checks go to filling her up anyways, it’s gonna be a long haul.

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Sal R.

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Apr 6, 2017
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Doable if you're brave enough. The sequoia axle housing doesn't have the penetrations for an elocker retrofit.

You'd have to swap axles.


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Aug 27, 2018
In theory, the fj cruiser axle housing should fit. But as you suspect you might have to relocate the shock and control arm mounts. Might. Since you buddy has the FJ, take some measurements on the two axles and compare. But you definately cant swap the 3rd members. The elocker 3rd is an 8in. The sequoia is an 8.4