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New Stereo Head Unit

Discussion in '1Gen Audio & Electronics' started by jcox, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. jcox

    jcox New Member

    I have a 2005 SR5 with the touch screen navigation and I was looking to upgrade to a unit that had bluetooth and Aux input.

    I know you have to buy some adapter harness, OR I could buy the pure bluetooth kit from GTA Car Kits for $159.

    Any thoughts, opinions, or advice is much appreciated.
  2. Sam

    Sam New Member

    I have been researching myself. The best resource i found was Crutchfield.

    They have a customer sevice dept that really knows their car audio. The guy i talked to sent me an email with headunit options as well as options for a back up camera and all the harnesses and wiring i need for my specific 03 Sequoia.

    You will likely prices cheaper elsewhere for the head units but their harness price seems reasonable. Their website has a lot of info as well. I figured i would but the harness and wiring from them since they have been very helpful and save a few dollars for the head unit by buying that elsewhere.
  3. jcox

    jcox New Member

    What units are you looking at?
  4. Cassequoia

    Cassequoia New Member

    Replaced stock JBL headunit today on a 2002 Limited I bought about a week ago. Radio wouldnt turn on at all after checking everything pulled it out opened it up and found about $3 in change and a U2 inspired "Kids Rockaby Lullaby" CD all stuck inside. Guessing a coin broke or shorted something.

    Replaced with Pioneer Model:FH-S501BT (Cheapest Bluetooth double din $110) and used the Metra 70-8113 harness adapter ($16).
    Used brackets off of stock headunit and audio butt end connectors. Followed harness directions and Pioneer wiring diagram in headunit manual and replaced in a parking lot in about 45 mins. Phillips, 10mm (remove headunit) 8mm (remove headunit brackets), channel lock to pinch butt connectors.
    Radio and everything works including antennae and uses factoty amps and harness, did not need to cut or splice any factory wires.

    Now no sound/only slight static from rear speakers. Maybe rear speaker amp shot? speakers shot?
    Front lower speakers also sound blow pulling door off tomorrow to take a look at everything.

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