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Nav Greyed out while driving

Discussion in '2Gen Audio & Electronics' started by nvrich2004, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. nvrich2004

    nvrich2004 New Member

    Has anyone figured out a solid way to bypass the annoying greyed out buttons on nav, settings, ect, while driving?
  2. chinalfr

    chinalfr Member

    It's not annoyed. It's for safety. It's only take a few mins to stop at a safe location and input your destination into the GPS. You could always preset a location on memory which you can navigate or use voice to activate the navigation. Bypass is not a good idea.
  3. 18TRDSport

    18TRDSport New Member

    Prestigious society sells a product to do this. I had one in my 2011 Sequoia and just put one in my 2018. Works great. Allows a passenger to access all the buttons while moving. In some areas where I drive (NYC, parts of NF, DC, Baltimore) stopping is not an option.

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