My 4wd is not engaging and ducks come in season soon.


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Sep 18, 2018
I'm feeling completely retarded with this. I've got no codes in the computer with my issue. I think I'm googling this wrong because I can find anyone with the same issue, but....

When I switch to 4wd hi or lo I get a red flashing on the dash of my 4wd system with an "X" on it Then 4wd Hi starts flashing. If I keep switching the switch in the dash it will stay on until I turn the truck off and back on. Anyone got any clues???? It's a 2008 Tundra with about 210k on it.

I appreciate the help. Just trying to avoid going to the dealer and not replacing every part until I've rebuilt the whole system if I can.


Dec 31, 2017
Telluride, CO
There is one on the transfer and one on the front axle. Usually it is the one on the axle that goes. I had to replace mine at about 180,000 miles. The part can be purchased from one of the online toyota dealers for about $250.00 . It is not that hard to replace just tight spot to work with your hands.