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How to upgrade car radio?

Discussion in '2Gen Audio & Electronics' started by David Lee, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. David Lee

    David Lee New Member

    Hi! I'm looking for new android car stereo and want to install Seicane car stereo in my 2012 TOYOTA Sequoia. How to install it? Is it difficult to install this by myself or to ask the professional to help?
  2. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    I'm thinking of an Android upgrade as well. I'm being real picky about the unit though. Some have sluggish startup times. When I do mine I would buy a factor harness adapter as to not mess with existing wiring and only splice new harness to new radio harness. This is only my theory though. Thought would be to add backup camera at same time. And replace the front speakers.

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  3. MonsterSequoia

    MonsterSequoia New Member

    Just ordered an Android 8.0 unit and back up camera, I'll probably install it next weekend and follow up with my thoughts on it.
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  4. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Which one did you order? Anyone with experience running wire for backup camera? What is easiest way to run cable?

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  5. MonsterSequoia

    MonsterSequoia New Member

    I'll get better pictures during the day, I finished this late Sunday night. Here's my Xtron 10.1 Android 8.0 ( Oreo )

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  6. MonsterSequoia

    MonsterSequoia New Member

  7. Lee

    Lee New Member

    I"m looking for something to replace my 2013 platinum system with - the GPS is terrible - no way to show video from the iphone - any suggestions for a quality product?

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