How many miles on your tree? Any major issues other than general maintenance?


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Jun 5, 2017
196k. Only major thing was the break booster and master cylinder pressure switches. $800 bucks later, it runs great and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country.
Annoying minor issue ... drive shaft spline sticks occasionally causing a "thunk" after a hard stop.
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Jun 10, 2018
2003 w/ 240k. So far other than general maintenance, I've personally replaced the Radiator, Serpentine belt, Brake Master Cylinder, Driver Door actuator and thermostat. The previous owner stated that the timing belt was replaced around 150k (there's no sticker or anything to validate it, so I'll probably address that before the year ends.
May 31, 2017
2001 w/ 220k.

Just replaced the rear hatch handle last night. Replaced the torn steering column boot when I heard the ticking in the driver's floorboard. Replaced the power antenna motor.

It could stand to have a new clear coat applied, and I'm in talks with the local technical college to have it done.

The VSC/TRAC just started acting up, but it is a random and infrequent issue. I'll check the sensors one weekend when I have time.

The intermittent wiper setting is, well, intermittent depending on when it wants to function properly and when not. Might be the contact points in the stalk. Might just replace the whole thing.
Aug 6, 2017
177k on my 2004, no major problems. Until this past week... I had a mechanic replace my water pump, timing belt etc last year. A few months ago I lost my oil pressure signal, this past week my truck started hesitating on acceleration, until it finally lurched and died! Had it towed to the dealer. Found out the last guy had misrouted the wiring harness that runs to the crank sensor and oil pressure sensor, allowing the belt to eat through over the past year...

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I just went through this! I'm the idiot that routed the harness incorrectly though... only found it after checking the crank position sensor when it wouldn't start. I had it die on the freeway too. Lots of fun diagnosing this one since it would occasionally start and run for a bit. I guess it hadn't completely severed the wire yet. Anyhow, back up and running!

Back to thread relevant info though...

I have 186k on my 2001, and it's running great. All in all, it's been pretty solid. I've done a fair amount of preventative maintenance and fixing things I messed up myself, but nothing way out of the ordinary.

The only problem I've had is the starter went out on me in my driveway and got to fight with those two bolts in the back. I was not happy with Toyota putting it under the intake mani, but it's pretty well protected there so I kinda understand.
Jul 23, 2018
Thomasville, NC
Bought my wife a 2001 4X4 with 242k Jan 2017; just went over 261k. Had to replace major things replaced were the Yaw Rate sensor last year and the radiator about 6 weeks ago. Still runs and drives beautifully though. Small exhaust leak at manifold and one Cat starting to go but will be fixing myself this fall when it cools off.

Just picked up a 1 owner 2003 2WD with 243k on it. Got it for a great price as it needed work. (2) O2 sensors, rear latch Door lock assembly with door actuator, rear hatch window motor, front right door actuator, and front brakes replaced myself. Had a shop do the alignment and balance the wheels. But only $600 spent in parts.

It is my goal to see how many miles I can get out of these trucks. Both have been aways serviced by Toyota techs with previous owners. I honestly don't see myself owning anything else.

Oh yeah, I also have a 1994 Toyota Pickup that I've done alot of work myself. It's my gas saver!

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Dec 14, 2018
I'm so glad I found this forum thread. It appears that I'd be safe buying a super high mileage Sequoia so long as I get the water pump and timing belt looked at.
Nov 23, 2018
Purchased a 2005 SR5 4WD from original owners in October 2018. Has 185k and I did the timing belt right after purchase. Otherwise general maintenance and running strong.


Dec 5, 2018
Just picked up a 2005 with 256k (now 258k after driving it home). It's in great shape but I will go through everything gradually, I want it to last a lot longer.