Homemade "rock sliders"


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Dec 30, 2016
So I got tired of the look of the factory running boards so I decided to see what I could do to change that up a little bit. Went to the local Lowes and picked up two 6ft galvanized terminal fence posts. Removed the factory plastics and the aluminum plate that is under the running board but left the original brackets that it bolted too. ground the metal on the pipe down as well as the brackets to get a nice surface to weld to. Tacked the pipe to each of the brackets then completed the welds. There is almost like a groove in the factory brackets that the pipe sits almost perfectly in. Finalized the welds, ground them down to make them look a little bit better, then coated the whole thing in bedliner and repeated the process on the other side. There is no way that there would actually hold up to real "rock sliding" but they've taken a few good knocks on some stuff and no issues yet. The whole thing only cost me $38 if I recall correctly, and they're still useable as a step to get in and out. I didn't take any pictures in the process but ill see if I can attach a few of what my truck looks like with them on. IMG_8205.jpg IMG_8736 (1).jpg


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Feb 18, 2019
I was just at home depot yesterday looking at fence posts for this same thing, I came home and searched for homemade sliders on google and this came up! I couldn't decide if I should do the 2" or 1 3/8. I like yours with the 2". Good work!