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Battery Recommendations?

Discussion in '1Gen Audio & Electronics' started by YotaMan83, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. YotaMan83

    YotaMan83 New Member

    Hey all,

    While I have been offroading most of my 34 years, I have been away for the last few years due to a new career that was pretty demanding of my time (Fire/Rescue) so I'm probably not up to date on a lot of the new advances in the off road industry. I just bought a 2003 Toyota Sequoia this past weekend, having owned two previous Yota's ( FJ80, and a Taco) I know a little bit about Toyota, but I'm always eager to learn more. I plan to use my Sequoia as a DD, however I still want to be able to take it off road on family vacations to the mountains of NC, and TN, and out exploring wherever the road takes my family and I. I plan to eventually have a winch, and off road lights (Most of which will be LED's) however I also have emergency lights and emergency equipment that will be going into it because of my chosen profession. This being said, I will eventually upgrade to a H/O Alternator (Mean Green, or something along those lines) I need a new battery at the moment because the one I have will not hold a charge (I have already checked and the alternator is working fine) It looks to be a cheap walmart special (no name brand) battery, without a sticker, so I have no clue as to the DOM, CA or CCA of the current battery. So with needing a new battery, I'm looking to all of you that have the experience with these Sequoia's for some recommendations as to what the best battery out there is right now. I always used to use Optima batteries in all of my previous rigs, however I had two die on me back to back that were less than 6 months old (maybe a bad batch?) a few years back, so I'm a little hesitant to go buy one. I have heard good things about Odyssey batteries, as well as the X2 Power batteries, but I have no first hand experience with either of them. What other if any manufacturers are out there, and what are all of you using?
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  2. 02SR5SoccerMom

    02SR5SoccerMom New Member


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  3. aXe Offroad

    aXe Offroad New Member

    My only experience with Odyssey was one of their race batteries I put in a show car due to space constraints. It wouldn't hold a charge more than a few days if it wasn't used. But it was a tiny battery, about a 1/4 of the size an conventional car battery. Personally I use Optima batteries in all of my rigs. I have only had one fail me but I have heard quite a few stories. My current Optima is 2 yrs old.
  4. YotaMan83

    YotaMan83 New Member

    So after all of my research, and input from others in the Offroad community, I decided to go with the X2 Power Premium 27F AGM battery
    (Formerly Northstar batteries) The biggest selling point for me was the 60 month replacement warranty. That is 5 years....no other battery out there Optima, Die Hard, Oddysey, Etc. offers that kind of warranty. It was a bit more than a standard Optima... after all was said and done it cost me $318 out the door with no core charge. But I'm impressed so far! We will see how it holds up, I plan on doing a review after I've had some time to put it to the test.
  5. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Any update that you can provide? I think that is my next to-do is to replace my battery with something a bit more robust.

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