2006 Sequoia Limited 4WD


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Jan 25, 2020
Hello everyone.

Glad to be on the boards officially. Thank you to all the members of this forum for all the information, write ups, photos, technical advise and expertise. When I set my sights on a 1st Gen Sequoia these boards came in very handy and proved to be a valuable resource. That and my history of Toyota ownership gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on a higher mileage used Toyota Sequoia (Sight Unseen!)-I know, I'm nuts! So anyway, I found this vehicle for sale in Texas but found out it lived on the East Coast most of its' life. It has 96,xxx original miles and looked well taken care of.

Here's the stock pictures of it at the dealership.

Here's the current pictures now that I got a hold of it.

Currently the vehicle is getting new timing belt, water pump, new seals, oil change, and a 1 million point inspection.

Upcoming mods are 5100 Bilsteins with ARB coils.

Anyways, glad to be here and hopefully I can contribute to this community! See you on the boards.