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2002 Limited 4WD

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Sal R., Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    GOAL: Organize Recovery Gear and Tools

    Having all my recovery gear in the Plano case on the roof worked out well. However, it was cumbersome to setup and breakdown between trips and I didn't like added weight up high. Not to mention that I've nicked my roof moving gear up and down.

    At the same, if I could store the Plano case in the cab, it was unruly to take in/out. With all the gear inside, it was easily 50+ lbs. At 36" in length, it didn't pack well, either.

    I wanted something that packed better and was easier to manipulate.

    Scouting Home Depot, I came across these Rigid modular tool boxes. Sturdy and weatherproof. I did have to remove the lid lining to maximize storage volume, but it really works out. It can sit nestled behind my cooler next to some storage boxes.

    2018-09-19 12_09_43.jpg

    In a similar note, keeping my tools loose in a toolbox was less than ideal. It made finding the right tool annoying, especially while on a trail.

    Doing a bit of searching, I settled on the Bucketboss roll up tool bag with a separate wrench roll. I had considered the Atlas roll up tool bag, but I didn't like the fact the the wrench roll was integrated and on the backside of the bag. Accessing the wrenches after the bag was deployed meant closing up all the pouches and flipping over the bag. Didn't like that idea. I wanted all tools accessible once unpacked.

    2018-09-19 16_45_07.jpg

    2018-09-19 16_45_58.jpg

    2018-09-19 16_46_44.jpg

    2018-09-19 16_48_18.jpg
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  2. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    Looking through various pics, the LCA pivots are uniball (similar to the Solo LT kit), but the spindle to LCA is still uses the factory ball joint.
  3. Ryan H.

    Ryan H. New Member

    Hey Sal,

    I recently purchased a 2003 Sequoia and am working on building it currently. I have read some posts about disabling the VSC/traction control while in 2wd but haven't really gotten solid informaiton. I noticed on this wiring post that you have a "Disable VSC" button and wondered if you have wired that to disconnect somehow. Can you provide more info here?
  4. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    For my installation, I used an "elaborate" combination of switch and relay. See original wire diagram for details.

    When the switch is "on," it would energize the relay to break the wire connection on the brake reservoir.

    The same effect can be accomplished by adding a simple spst switch on one of the brake reservoir wires. This would be like unplugging the connector on it, which would disable vac/trac.
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  5. bakercito

    bakercito New Member

    Thanks for posting and providing so much detail.
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  6. Whocares

    Whocares Member

  7. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    Califab is very active on IG and they are very much still in business. Gonna have to call them directly for the links.

    Can't say anything about the MetalTech links.
  8. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    Sorry about that. Thank you
  9. Gil

    Gil New Member

    This is a great build, very well explained , thanks.
  10. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    np at all.
  11. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    MODIFICATION: Fox Coilovers and Durobump Bumpstops

    Improve ride quality.

    With the added weight up front and the added unsprung weight of the wheels, tires, and the Solo hardware, the 2.5 Kings or ICONs couldn't keep up, faded quickly, and rode rather harshly.

    DURATION: 4 hours

    Fox Coilovers 880-06-420
    plasticsguy Durobumps for 3gen T4R

    COST: $2000

    Suspension installs is covered in depth all over the internet so I'm going to stick to the highlights.

    Mounting surface to eye center comparison pic:

    Kings (19-1/4") vs. ICON ET (20-1/4") vs. Fox (20-3/4")

    For reference, pictured are:
    King CO with 14" 650lb coils
    ICON ET CO with 14" 700lb coils (not pictured is original 13" 650lb coils)
    Fox CO with approximately 16" 650lb coils

    The Fox's approximately 16" spring and 1/2" longer overall extended length than the ICON ET was a huge plus since this makes use of almost all the available travel afforded by the Solo kit.

    Because the coil is so long, clearances get tight around the CV axle. Additionally, as mentioned in a previous post, my 13WH calipers with T4R/GX470 rotors will make contact with the coil at full stuff with steering hard over. Going to need to be mindful of that.

    Installation-wise, the Fox's was a real pain in the ass to install. Out of the box, the height adjustment collar and lower eye were "backwards." What this means is that if I didn't rotate both to an appropriate position, I'd have to remove the assembly to adjust height and the lower coil would make contact with the axle. Additionally, I needed to clock the reservoir fitting inboard so that it cleared the Total Chaos UCA at full droop.

    Because of the Solo spindles taking up so much room, I had to unbolt the UCA to install the CO because clearances got real tight. Even then, it was like playing heavy Tetris to get it to fit.

    Awhile back, I installed the Wheelers superbumps made for a 2gen Taco. While it "fit," it rode on my LCA at my desired ride height.

    Worked well enough, but I was not satisfied with this solution so I started looking for a replacement. Under low speed, the sides would feel like it was being "lifted up." I surmised that the bumps constantly contacting the LCA was interfering with the suspension doing its job.

    Scouring T4R.org, I came across the Durobumps. It's made of a stiffer material, tapered for a more full contact, and approximately 1" shorter.



    The difference was night and day. The added space means that the suspension could do its job before contacting the bumps.

    Coupled with the Fox, ride quality was greatly improved. I didn't have that floaty feeling anymore and my underdamped oscillation was gone.


    Hope this is the last suspension I purchase for the front.
  12. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    Fox, ICON, King Coilover comparison feedback.

    To save myself some time regarding messages, here's my feedback on all the above.

    ICON Extended Travel (E: 20-1/4"):
    This was the first suspension I tried based on user feedback. Configuration was stock with 295/70R18 (34s). Out of the box, it came with 13" 650 lb coils. Guessing from the wrap count, it's a linear rate coil. They rode okay. I did not feel they did well on relatively flat desert terrain, but were okay.

    After the tube bumper, winch, brakes, and Solo spindles, I had them rebuilt with 700lb linear rate coils. Was not happy at all. The coils were too stiff and didn't compress well. They also faded quickly with the higher spring rate and all the added weight for on/off-road highway driving.

    Kings (E: 19-1/4"):
    This was purchased to replace the ICONs with the 13" coil. Configuration was stock with 295/70R18 (34s). Out of the box, it came with 14" 650 lb coils. Based on the wrap count, it was a progressive rate coil. The ride was way better and handled desert terrain better.

    After the tube bumper, winch, brakes, and Solo spindles, the Kings rode much better than the ICONs on 700 lb coils. They faded too, but not as quickly as the ICONs on/off-road highway speeds.

    Fox (E: 20-3/4")
    This was purchased to resolve the fade issue. Out of the box, it came with a 16" 650lb linear rate coil. It rides as nice as stock with Kings before all the added weight. Has the most usable wheel travel of the three systems.

    I'd estimate about 300lbs of added weight up front when factoring in the Group 31 battery, bumper, winch with synthetic rope, Solo spindles, hi-lift, 18s, and 295/70s.
  13. Greg Gibson

    Greg Gibson New Member

    Glad you like these Sal! Are you planning to install 700 lbs springs or stay with the 650s? I've been wondering whether I'll need to go to 700s when I get a winch/bumper.
    What settings are you running for high and low speed compression? I'm full soft on HS and like +3 on LS.
  14. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    I'm going to stick to 650s. Not doing 700s for reasons stated above regarding the ICONs.

    HS is 3 clicks from full.
    LS is 1/4 from full.

    Rides just the way I like. Controlled and cush.

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