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    How many miles on your tree? Any major issues other than general maintenance?

    I'm so glad I found this forum thread. It appears that I'd be safe buying a super high mileage Sequoia so long as I get the water pump and timing belt looked at.
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    Hey Josh, I am also Josh, lol. I wondered if you had any issues with the wire nuts. I realize they are waterproof however, those are more used for electrical that is in sealed off boxes for areas with high condensation. I'm an industrial automation and controls electrician and we use those wire...
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning Everyone! I am looking into getting into Overlanding and have chosen the first gen Sequioa as my platform of choice. A few things I wanted to bounce on you guys before I make the purchase to get one though as I want to be sure I can find the parts that I want. 1. I'd love to be...