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Am I out of my mind?

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Dec 14, 2018
Good Morning Everyone!

I am looking into getting into Overlanding and have chosen the first gen Sequioa as my platform of choice. A few things I wanted to bounce on you guys before I make the purchase to get one though as I want to be sure I can find the parts that I want.

1. I'd love to be able to go long distances in between gas stations so I wondered about extended range fuel tanks. I realize that I can have one fabbed up but I wondered if there was one that was ready made and ready to bolt in.

2. I watched 1stgenoffroad's youtube channel and I LOVE his build on his sequoia. I'm very into clean installs and he does really well with his. However, I wondered if there was a lift kit that would get me greater than 3 inches. Anyone know of any?

3. I love the roof top tent thing and have plans of getting one however, this (I feel) limits storage space on top as I'd like to have a nice big roof rack to store additional jerry cans, spare tire, shovel's, mat-trax, etc etc. Anyone know of any other ideas that could help remedy that situation without having to go out and get the patriot X1 camper trailer? (Plans to buy that later down the road).

4. This is probably the most important thing. I have had bad luck with vehicles in the past and I don't want to dump a bunch of money into this only to have it break down on me. I realize and understand that EVERYTHING breaks. Brand new vehicles break, but what kind of reliability can I expect out of a higher mileage Sequoia? People want a premium for them even when they have upwards of 220k on the clock. I have a Cadillac SRX now with 188k on it and I desperately want out of it because of the mileage. How reliable are the first gen sequoia's? Are people driving them 500k+? Let me know, I'm listening and desperately need some help in this area.

5. Lastly, and least importantly, are there supercharger's and the like out there for the 4.7L? With all the overland equipment that will be installed on the rig, it'll have a lot more weight then it was designed to carry so I wondered if there was a way to up the performance of the motor to help keep up with the added weight.

I appreciate you getting through my long winded intro but I have a lot of questions and I don't want to make the wrong decision so I'm doing my homework before I jump in. Thanks again!!


Josh Nelson