Recently over the past few years I have been getting more interested in working/maintaining my daily driver (07 4runner sport 2wd v8) and wanted a vehicle for an off-road build. I wanted something I wouldn't be afraid of damaging, something to be pushed to the max.

For about a year I searched for a 3rd gen 4runner but couldn't find a low mileage for a price I was willing to pay. These were pre-covid prices and before the big "overlanding boom" the pandemic gave birth to. So I started looking at alternatives, low and behold the sequoia, same engine as my daily and not as well known as the 4runner meaning lower prices. I found a 2003 limited 4wd for $5,300 with 173k on the clock in April21.

It was completely stock and was used as a family's daily driver in Texas/Colorado, so probably the most it saw was gravel forest roads. I had limited experience working on vehicles, just oil changes, rotating tires, topping off fluids is pretty much it. I've learned a lot since then and so far have done all the maintenance/repairs myself except for alignment.

I look forward to checking out other's builds and sharing my own.
South/Central Texas


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