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2021 TRD Sport, Midnight Black Metallic, Premium Pkg, Skid Plate, endless supply of German Shepherd hair to protect the carpeting.
Hello, I am new to the forums. I have a 2002 Seq Limited 4WD, need to replace rear bumper and just upgraded wheels and tires, rather than OEM bumper and repaint was considering aftermarket bumper. What were your mod? or any recommendations? Having a hard time finding aftermarket rear bumpers. Thanks!
Finally got my grill painted and added the classic tri color badge. Also just finished up replacing the steering rack bushing with polyurethane bushings. Love the steering response didn't realize how much play the old bushings were allowing. Next will be the sway bar bushings and hope fully after I can sell my 07 tundra lift kit I can use that money to get the timing belt done
New tree owner 01 SR5 274k on her.
She had 1 owner and all maintenance records came with all from the dealership. I'm a bit confused though as it has all leather, sunroof, heated leather seats etc which I thought were the options for the limited. Any one have any insight?
Hi all. I am the new owner of an 08 platinum Sequoia and so far I love everything about it! It has the overhead Nesa DVD player but no remote. I'm trying to find a good replacement for it. Toyota said it is $200 for them to order a factory one, but I don't want to pay that much for a remote. Any suggestions?
3rd day driving my Tree. I rebuilt it since I got it wrecked (TN) finally got the Tags for it. pretty cool working out the kinks on it. the idea for it is a Overland/Daily type of truck.
New member here, just picking up my first Sequoia tomorrow afternoon: 2002 with 192K on it... it's a very nice SR5. Any tips for the newbie?
Hi Jim. I posted a question on the sequoia emu old man suspension setup you recomended can you help.
I have a 2007 Sequoia, i'm in the process of changing the starter. can it be done with the air switching valves in place? HELP!!!!!!!!!
Hey Jim, I've been lookin around the forums & your name keeps poppin up - mind if I ask you a question?
Have you ever heard of someone doing a successful engine swap? Specifically from a used/refurbished engine purchased online.
I wonder if it would be a good idea to buy a Sequoia from Craigslist: it has "engine issues". I'd take it to a shop to get them to swap the engine out.
Thanks for any & all info!