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Hi all. I am the new owner of an 08 platinum Sequoia and so far I love everything about it! It has the overhead Nesa DVD player but no remote. I'm trying to find a good replacement for it. Toyota said it is $200 for them to order a factory one, but I don't want to pay that much for a remote. Any suggestions?
3rd day driving my Tree. I rebuilt it since I got it wrecked (TN) finally got the Tags for it. pretty cool working out the kinks on it. the idea for it is a Overland/Daily type of truck.
New member here, just picking up my first Sequoia tomorrow afternoon: 2002 with 192K on it... it's a very nice SR5. Any tips for the newbie?
Hi Jim. I posted a question on the sequoia emu old man suspension setup you recomended can you help.
I have a 2007 Sequoia, i'm in the process of changing the starter. can it be done with the air switching valves in place? HELP!!!!!!!!!
Hey Jim, I've been lookin around the forums & your name keeps poppin up - mind if I ask you a question?
Have you ever heard of someone doing a successful engine swap? Specifically from a used/refurbished engine purchased online.
I wonder if it would be a good idea to buy a Sequoia from Craigslist: it has "engine issues". I'd take it to a shop to get them to swap the engine out.
Thanks for any & all info!
Hey Paul, thanks for the welcome. For some reason i couldn't reply to your message.
I just bought a 1st gen today so i came here to learn a little more. I'm located in SoCal and i have a guy near me who does fab work for cheap. His quality is great as well. Im going to have him build me a full size rack, ill post pics once its done. I'm sure its going to get a lot of interest.