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Yes another TRAC VSC OFF thread

Discussion in '1Gen Brakes' started by jumelton, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. jumelton

    jumelton New Member

    Hey guys,

    I bought my 2002 Sequoia this year and the VSC and TRAC lights have been on the whole time (no ABS or CEL). I tried ZPC with the paperclips. I tried leaving the battery disconnected for a few days. Those didn't work. I'm hoping someone can chime in with what worked for you. Or is there a way to get the code for the issue without making a trip to the dealer? The lights really don't bother me, but I do plan to do some wheeling in the snow this winter and believe the traction control system would help.

    Anything would be helpful guys!
  2. jumelton

    jumelton New Member

    Update. I pulled the codes for the abs. Codes 31 and 32. So computer is picking up an issue with both front sensors. Anyone have luck with aftermarket sensors?
  3. Rob

    Rob Member

    I temporarily had codes pop up doing y brakes before I bled the brakes. Try that first? Front sensors are easily removed and cleaned as well.
  4. Elena

    Elena New Member

    Good day. I do have the same problem with Toyota Sequoia 2002 - VSC and TRAC lights are steady ON. Yaw rate sensor and steering wheel position sensor have been replaced. Will appreciate a lot for reply if someone knows how to resolve this problem
  5. Trideyota

    Trideyota Member

    I had this problem checked everything and finally replaced abs module. Found one on Ebay for $40. Then lifted and added switch to turn it off. It was always going off with the lift. So keep that in mind if your going to lift the vehicle.
  6. Elena

    Elena New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Abs module has been already checked as well, it's in working condition. So, do not know what else should be done for VSC and Trac lights to go off...

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