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Sep 18, 2019
Really, Im the only person in the North East with a Sequoia.
So had a 98 4Runner for 8/9 years and put about 100k on it. sold it a couple of weeks ago with a mileage of 250k. to make way for its bigger sister, a 2007 Limited with the 2nd row captains. Did we really need a gas guzzling monster, probably not, could I have hired a truck to move my trailers as needed probably. But i work to put money in the pockets of local and national business :)

So far fixed the CEL that came on 200 miles after i purchased the truck (that was a known issue then!).
replaced the rear heater control
next up
doing valve covers this weekend so I can get an inspection (leaking oil onto the manifold - so failed)
replacing the rear hatch window regulator and window and its broken and rusty
Timing belt (water pump) change
front and rear brakes
Front speakers
Add back up camera
Add Blue tooth
fix the rear wheel arch rust

For some reason I cant fathom I decided to start a spreadsheet and track my costs, bad idea! :)

Managed to get in a fender bender within 24hrs of owning her. Someone indicated and changed lanes, unfortunately I was already in the space and we all know 2 items can not occupy the same space. Hey at least he indicted to let me know he was going to side swipe me.
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Nov 5, 2019
Hey guys - good to see some activity here. Just bought a 2003 Sequoia 4WD Limited to take up to Vermont on ski trips (live in NYC). Has just under 200k miles and will need a bit of TLC but I'm excited to start

Upcoming items -
Replace headlight and turn signals since they are hazy
Refinish hood and fix sun damage
Buy wheel cap
Patch small exhaust leak
Coat undercarriage with rust prevention coat
Timing belt - probably have another 10k-15k miles left to go
Roof Cargo box
New tires + lift kit
Install a new Muffler (further down the road)

Anyways look forward to connecting - Cheers!