Wheelspin in 4wd


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Dec 4, 2018
I am new in here and searched but didn't find anything on this topic. I have a 2001 SR5 4wd 193k all stock that I got 8 years ago. I don't use 4wd often but recently went to the mountains and almost got stuck with 4wd engaged. I engaged 4wd hi, everything seemed fine and parked in a muddy area. When trying to leave the front left wheel would spin and it sounded like a gear grinding noise, I assume traction control/ABS was activating and I couldn't move the vehicle with the wheel spinning. I put it in neutral and dropped it into 4wd lo, which locks the rear I think, and I still got the same deal on the front left wheel, it spun. I did make it out and even climbed a nice hill but it sounded awful whenever the wheel would spin. Now after exiting, feeling in total beast mode, I used a tow rope to pull my mother in law and bro in law out of the same mess.

Ive noticed this grinding/ABS noise before in snow... So my question is, is this normal? Is it traction control?

In 4hi the traction control but can be toggled, but in 4lo it appear as if the traction control automatically turns off. Either way, I still get the same noise.

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