Want to put 285/70/17 on. What backspace and offset do I need


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Apr 9, 2020
Ok I have been looking and reading and I can’t get a good answer on this question. I will be putting a 2.5“ lift on. I want to run 285/70/17 nitto trail grapplers. Everybody says I need a -12 offset wheel

if the stock backspace is 4.5”. I have probably less than 1/2” clearance now from uca. Most people run 1.25” spacers on the stock rims to clear 285’s. That makes the backspace 3.25”

I have asked about this wheel Vision Nemesis. 17-9 , 4.5 backspace and -12 offset and they say it will work.
the math doesn’t add up to me. A 9” wheel with a 4.5 offset sounds like a 0 offset

stock wheel needs a 3.25” backspace to fit 285’s. I get it. 285 on a 7.5” wheel the tire will bulge a bit and rub

so here is my question. will a 9” wide rim with a 4.5” backspace clear the upper control arm and frame?
And it’s .25 wider than a stock rim with 1.25” spacers will it rub on the fender wells?

i found another rim I kinda like and it has a 4.11 backspace and is only 8” wide

i don’t want to run spacers. I am investing money into this and I just want to do it once. I don’t want to get the wrong thing and have to buy something else


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Nov 14, 2019
Best recipe for 285/70-17 is 17x8 offset, had this on my truck and a friends truck with no issues. Actually my buddy has those exact tires on his 17x8 0 offset TRD replica wheels. A finger barley clears tire and UPC, no rub on frame or body.