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Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by irishtwins&twinsmum, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. irishtwins&twinsmum

    irishtwins&twinsmum New Member

    Hello all. I just (as of July 23rd) converted from a small Acura MDX to the '15 Toyota Sequoia; I just had twins and needed to accommodate 5 kiddos. WOW talk about ROOM! Thank you Toyota!

    Here's where I need help/guidance...the "Moose" needs all new tires. Recommendations would be appreciated here. Also, I am 5'2" and the driver side mirror is literally a blind spot for me. I cannot see over it nor under it. I have a blind spot when I'm making a left hand turn. Yes this is funny in a sense...but it's not. I cannot raise the seat up higher because then I barely reach the pedals. Is there aftermarket mirrors that anyone recommends? I know the vehicle is large, therefor requires a large mirror but I'm hoping there's some kind of alternative...please advise if so.

    Thanks to those that pop in and send advice and I look forward to reading through the various threads and learning about the Sequoia. The MDX forum was a life saver many times as the Acura is loaded with issues....good bye Honda! lol

    Thanks again.
  2. SkiBikeKite

    SkiBikeKite New Member

    I am very happy with the Michelin LTX M/S2. Its a good all season tire if you live where it snows sometimes.
  3. irishtwins&twinsmum

    irishtwins&twinsmum New Member

    Thank you for the response. I’ll check those out
  4. 18TRDSport

    18TRDSport New Member

    I just bought Continental TerrainContact AT tires for my 2018. They work very well in the snow, and were great on the beach. Aggressive look, no more road noise that the OEMs and no loss in mileage either.

    F3URMIND New Member

    I agree with SBK. For lots of highway only driving, I have not found anything that out performs the Michelin LTX M/S, particularly in semi wet and full wet conditions. I have put 170K miles on my beast. It eats tires and it doesn't matter what brand I try. I just replaced a set of Yokohama with Michelin Defender LTX M/S. Glad to have them back! I know I won't get the miles out of them (only 40k), but with the way I drive (big reason for wear), I know they are going to stick when they need to. Due to the accelerated wear, I usually get enough of a refund to pay for 1 tire on the next set.

    My beast came with small blind spot mirrors on the side mirrors. I assumed I would hate them and would remove them, but after 8+ years, they are still there. I find they do help cover the blind spots. They are about 2 inches in diameter and fit in the upper outside corner of the mirror. They stick on.

    MDX: my wife had to have one, but after a year, she wants to replace it with a Lexus GX. ugh...

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