Timing Belt?


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Jul 9, 2019
First of all I just bought a 2001 Sequoia yesterday with 119000 miles. Very nice shape. I will use as a "home depot" and family camping/road trip vehicle. Its beautiful. I had a toyota 4WD years ago so I am familiar with toyota quality.

MY QUESTION: I used Carfax etc and was not able to ascertain if this vehicle had the required timing belt replacement for 90K I think it is. Does anyone know how I might verify that..meaning...if it was not done would there be a warning light coming on...I called one mechanic and he kinda said the only way to know is if someone who did it put a sticker or something.

Obviously at this point I hate to just have it done to be safe, but if that is my only choice...I understand there is no warning when one goes out? Thanks in advance.


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Apr 2, 2017
No way to know other than maintenance record. The other thing you can do is open up one side of the timing belt cover and peak inside. Inspect the belt then go from there.