Timbren SES TORSEQ1 installation on 2nd Gen Toyota Sequoia


Mar 29, 2017
After the last camping trip, the Sequoia tire thread wear is very uneven. My pop-up is not really too heavy, but it's seem to sag the rear suspension a little too much. I'm planning to purchase the following parts and hope to remediate the tire thread wear problem.

This part is Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System TTORSEQ1

I'm hoping this upgrade will resolved further sagging when towing. For now, the truck runs fine, just need a set of tires before the next camping trip.

I ordered Timbren SES kits from etrailer.com. It was free shipping + 5% off.

The installation required to raise your back axle and removed the rear wheel to access the factory rubber bumpstop.

Timbren SES TORSEQ1 for Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen

Factory Rubber Bumpstop

Rear Suspension view

Timbren vs OEM

Timbren vs Factory

Left side installed

Factory vs Timbren SES

Right side installed

The whole installation process is not hard. I took a little extra time to clean the rear suspension. I power washed while I have access to the rear suspension. Then, I air dried the area and took 2 spray can of rubberized undercoating and start a light coating to all the metal area. Total installation time is about 2+ hours. If I skip the power wash and undercoat, the installation can be done in 1+ hours.
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Jul 30, 2018
Hey just wondering if you have an update on this? Have you noticed better tire wear? Do these make the rear not sag as much when towing?