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Talk me out of selling my Sequoia

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mnwanders, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. mnwanders

    mnwanders New Member

    I've had my 2004 SR5 almost two years now. I still really like it, it is reliable and comfortable to drive. Yet I am considering selling it. I need to hear some reasons why I should stick with it.

    Bottom line, there are six of us in the family not including the dog (the dog came after the Sequoia purchase) which we also bring with us on trips. The Sequoia is nice but feels a little cramped. Secondly, I don't feel like it is the most economical vehicle.

    I'm now considering buying a Chevy Suburban. My main reasons are the extra cargo space behind the third row and the bigger engine. My rationale is actually to save money and gas. I actually think the bigger vehicle will be a little more economical. I really want to keep as small of a footprint and stay as light as possible, but as we travel more we are starting to bring more toys, I think the Suburban will handle it better. For one, we pull a 1500 lb teardrop, and two, we sometimes have to put a few items up top in a Thule roof box. Going to Big Bend NP from Minnesota this past spring we averaged about 14.5 mpg. I'm thinking if I can store more inside there will be less drag and I'll save on gas, and the bigger engine might handle the mountains a little better and spend less time downshifting, also saving on gas.

    I bought the Sequoia as a way to try and get as close to a Jeep/4Runner/Land Cruiser experience as possible for my 6 person family, but now I'm thinking that my future probably holds more pavement and dirt roads rather than any actual difficult trails.

    The Sequoia is super nice and really under-appreciated and I know any time you sell and buy another vehicle you incur transaction costs, but I'm not sure its the right vehicle for us anymore. Tell me I'm wrong...
  2. mnwanders

    mnwanders New Member

    I see no one really wanted to answer my original question, and I understand why. But I have related issue to this, I really want to stick with my Sequoia, even though I covet the rear storage space of a Suburban, I just don't like how they drive. In fact I would definitely stick with my Sequoia except there is one problem: the vehicle payload capacity. My '04 is rated to hold 1330 lbs. When I load up everyone in the family plus the dog and the tongue weight of my trailer, I am at 1100 lbs. Now if my kids grow, and I want to add a beefier bumper, and if I bring my sister with us, we'll easily exceed the 1330. This is my big reason for pursuing the Suburban, it has a 1700 lb payload. So the question is now, by how much can I exceed the GVWR? In the strictest sense I know that I should never do that, but if I do it just a couple times per year, and only in on road situations, is that ok?
  3. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    I have not driven a suburban so I will speak only of the Sequoia.

    Upgrading your suspension will allow you to increase your payload; by how much exactly will depend obviously on your desired setup.

    For me, reliability is my main concern. I would pay a little more at the pump, bring a little less gear, have slightly less room, all in order to go from point a to point b, without an issue or concerns.

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. lutsie87

    lutsie87 New Member

    Have you considered the 2nd gen? That’s what I ended up getting after a weekend overlanding trip with the wife, 2 kids, and the dog in an Xterra.

    I am very happy with it.

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  5. mnwanders

    mnwanders New Member

    While the power and towing is certainly better in the second gen, the payload and total cargo room doesn’t change much, if at all from my research.

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  6. Dan.3

    Dan.3 New Member

    Flat out, a 1st or 2nd gen sequoia cant match the fuel economy or the room of a suburban. I found myself in the same boat when deciding what to get for the family CO trips driving from Chicago. Previously, we have made the trek in my 99 4runner. It was a little cramped with just our one kid and 200lbs mastiff. Given the fact that we now have 3, my wife said we NEED a bigger car. Thought about the LX470 (land cruiser, but the back wasnt quite big enough). So it was between the burban and the sequoia (1st and 2nd gen). Since I dont pay for gas (work expense) except for personal road trips, and I put on a lot of miles for work, we opted for the sequoia. An 03 limited with 180k. If I wasnt such a toyota purist, I would probably have gone for the burban. Didnt want to do the 2nd gen because I hate losing money on vehicles. Pick up a Chicago lived truck with decent frame, for just under 6K out the door. Another few years with 300k, it will probably be worth $2k which I can live with rather than loosing 8-10k on a 2nd gen

    The GM seats are Comfortable. Better than the sequoia or any other toyota SUV i have been in. GM drivetrains are reliable IF you maintain them. The problem with GM is everything else the put around the drivetrain.

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