Shake at idle


New Member
May 18, 2021
So all of a sudden I have a shaky idle, which is weird because up to now I could almost never tell the engine was running at all. So I went down a rabbit hole of possibilities, the first being either bad spark plugs, and/or a bad coil. However there were no codes present, and the engine seemed to be running as it should, just shaky. I dug deeper, and started to think that maybe the timing belt had jumped a tooth on one cam, but again, I should be getting a code. Well sod it I said, I'm going to pull the top covers and line up to TDC to check to make sure the timing belt was still where it was supposed to be. I had spent a bit of time yesterday looking for plausible causes other than that to no avail. So this morning I moved my Sequoia around back and into my yard so I could work on it, popped the hood, and lo and behold I found the cause, my engine driven fan decided to shed one of it's blades all on it's own. Now I'm trying to track one down locally, as during covid times it is really slow to get things shipped and I really don't want to be a vehicle down at the moment.