Retrofit Foglights on a 2001 Sequoia SR5 OEM (No drilling!)


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Nov 15, 2019
I did this Retrofit back in 2013. So I apologize in advance because I didn't keep a record of pictures to show a step by step guide. However, I wanted to make a quick write up of parts you'll need because this is actually plug and play. I'm the type of person that tries to keep things looking as factory as possible, so this guide is for anyone who's interested in doing the same thing.

I figured out that the SR5 was prewired to have fog lights, but it was never offered as an option. They only saved that feature for the Limited trim.

What you'll need is:
Fog light switch (84140-0C030)
Relay (90084 98031)
Fog lights with bulbs (Most of the time they come with bulbs already)
Fuse for the Fog light spot (The correct use is shown on the fuse box diagram)

Literally, find the plugs and boom. You're done. The fog lights wires are zipped tied along the inside of the bumper.

I hope this helps!
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