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Rear Hatch Handle

Discussion in '1Gen General Maintenance' started by DoLittleDailey, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. DoLittleDailey

    DoLittleDailey New Member

    Well, after 13 years my rear hatch handle finally quit on me..! I found this all metal replacement on Amazon for $17 bucks. Got it installed this weekend, solid as a rock!
    TruBuilt 1 Automotive Toyota 69090-08010 Exterior ALL Metal Liftgate Handle | Replacement For: Toyota Sienna (98-03) Sequoia (01-06) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OL0F5PU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_OCb2ybKQVY661
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  2. jwaring66

    jwaring66 Member

    That's the one I put on mine after it broke. Had to do two interior door handles too, cheap plastic... Fortunately they aren't hard to do.
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  3. fowldarr

    fowldarr New Member

    I used the same one above on mine. No issues. I've also done two interior door handles (I ordered the wrong color, so I will end up doing it again at some point)
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  4. deucemoline

    deucemoline New Member

    I’ve replaced mine as well. You have to replace the cable that well. With my tailgate it has the cable that attaches to the handle that had rusted witch caused the original handle to break.

    After replay both the handle and the cable I’ve had no further problem

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  5. mnwanders

    mnwanders New Member

    Do you have any recommendation on where to buy the cable? I have to replace my hatch handle too, so I just ordered the one recommended above, but I imagine I should replace the cable like you suggest.
  6. deucemoline

    deucemoline New Member

    I bought the parts on amazon “back lock sub assembly”

    If you remove this part on your sequoia I bet that the cable locking mechanism has rusted up.

    I hope this helps

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  7. dstgean

    dstgean New Member

    My daughter pointed out a passenger side door handle crack in the front door. I'll have to check on getting a replacement installed. Any sources, tips, or links that might help?

  8. deucemoline

    deucemoline New Member

    No that hasn’t come up with my car

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