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QuickSand 2002 Limited

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Scott Jackson, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member

    2002 Limited 4wd
    270K Miles

    Front suspension:
    OME Front coils, with OME Strut 3/4 daystar Spacer
    SPC upper arms
    Diff Drop
    Custom Sway bar links
    OME Fj80 3" J coils
    Shock adapters
    Bilstein 5100 shocks
    Custom sway bar links

    American Racing AR172 17X9 wheels 315/70R17 Big O A/T tires

    Center Diff lock Switch ( 01-02 do not have these)

    Custom single stage HD industrial paint ( did myself)

    The Day I got it (2010, paid $5500)
    IMG_20110321_143216.jpg IMG_20170715_085219.jpg IMG_20170719_190856.jpg
    View attachment 875 View attachment 876 IMG_20170708_142149.jpg IMG_20170708_142617.jpg IMG_20170708_142632.jpg IMG_20170708_142654.jpg View attachment 881 IMG_20170708_142721.jpg IMG_20170708_143316_852.jpg IMG_20170819_200145.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  2. TachedOutOffRoad

    TachedOutOffRoad New Member

    Love the tan!
  3. SR54WD

    SR54WD New Member

    Can you post the how-to/parts list for the tie rod end links you made? They look like a perfect DIY solution for a quicker disconnect

    Also on the rear shock adapters, did you make these or purchase them?
  4. Alex Horvat

    Alex Horvat New Member

    where did you get the grill painted? It looks great and was something I wanted to do for my sequoia
  5. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member

    I just rounded up 5/8 heims, bolts, spacer material and All thread. I had to drill out the Factory mounting holes to make room for the larger bolts. I made them long, so I would not have to disconnect, so far, it moves enough that I don't even bother... Not a Rock Crawler. They work really well.

    The adapter are Procomp, I bought them at my local 4wheel parts store. they were like $25
  6. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member

    I painted it myself. Its all about PREP!! Prep well, use a good paint, and it will turn out good.
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  7. Trideyota

    Trideyota New Member

    Nice Work!!
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  8. silverback04

    silverback04 Member

    awesome color!
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  9. cddallara

    cddallara Member

    image.jpg That color though... ;)
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  10. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member

    Going back in for re- clear. Found out that the single stage paint cannot be cut and buffed without making a dull spot. So, smoothed out the finish, applying 3 coats of Clear, changing the trim color to a flat "trim black" and going with 1" door trim, instead of the factory with chrome stripe. Also, cut my bumpers in prep for my Hybrid Bumpers I am designing. Love doing things twice... But I think I will be much happier with results this time around.

    Excited to be done with all the body work so I can concentrate outfitting for long expeditions.

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  11. Dave Sequoia

    Dave Sequoia New Member

    You've got a great rig. I really like your rear suspension, what model Bilstein 5100 shocks did you use with the shock adapters ?
  12. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member


    they are super long, you need about 4.5" of lift for them to work proper
  13. Alex Horvat

    Alex Horvat New Member

    Sounds good! Thanks man!
  14. RogueSequoia

    RogueSequoia New Member

    Holy crap that is

  15. silverback04

    silverback04 Member

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