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Mar 14, 2019
Hey guys. New Gen1 owner here. I have a nagging issue. I get a Bank 2 Sensor 1 error. I changed the o2 sensor/heater, cleared the code and I was good. However, the code comes back any time I put it under load like towing my boat. If I clear the code and don't tow it doesn't come back. I had read that it may be a manifold crack on the passenger side. Thoughts?

Scott Jackson

Jan 10, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mine used to to do that, then my radiator blew its top in an epic explosion. Changed it and never seen it again. (Plus the A/C works SO much better now :)) I would have never known there was an issue, as it never got hot, but apparently, it was not working efficiently enough. That being said, the heated 02 uses temp sensor to help regulate O2 Heater temp, so I assume, that was throwing off the values. I wish I would have monitored them so I would have a more reliable answer backed with actual data. If you have a OB2 that can monitor the 02, you can monitor the temp values of both when the soft code appears.
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