Oxygen sensor wiring harness


New Member
Mar 16, 2023
Hello, new guy here.

Recently bought 05 sr5 4x4 161k miles.
Previous owner replaced one CAT, and while I was on my back to home CEL popped on.

Scanned code and it was p0430 from bank 1/2 since my county doesn’t require emissions test, I did spark plug non fouler trick, looked like it got rid of code. Then again, CEL popped back on for different code which is p0138.

I crawled under and inspected wires and there was some small damage on 2 wires from bank 1/2, the wires coming down from the vehicle not the ones on o2 sensor.

I haven’t replaced sensor yet because I swapped oxygens out and still turns on for bank 1/2.

I’ve read a lot, but cannot find any specific answer yet.
Can I buy o2 sensor wiring harness extension and cut the damaged one and extend? Or do I need to replace the harness itself? If I do, where can I find one? I just cannot find anything that related to that harness from toyota

Thank you!