No Accelerator / gas pedal high idle


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Oct 27, 2019
I have a 2003 Sequoia that initially when jump starting the jumper cable polarity was reversed. The vehicle runs but has a high idle 1100-1200rpm rear doesn‘t come down and wont accelerate (the vehicle moves but not very fast and no power). The drive by wire accelerator pedal will sometimes bring the rpm up to 2200 but sometimes not. sometimes at start up the engine pulsates up and down and the accelerator pedal has no effect or seems to have a delayed effect. I have cleaned the throttle body and nothing changed. I did a relearn procedure but no change. I disassembled the throttle body by removing the clips from the TPS, cleaned the gears and lightly greased the shafts/gears. No change. I also disassembled the accelerator pedal but no broken spring or loose parts inside. I ordered a used but guaranteed to be working throttle body and took the TPS from that one and mounted it on my already cleaned throttle body. Still the same issue.

So here is where I’m at.... the issue may or may not be related to the jump start and I’m starting to think there is more going on. The vehicle also has had the versitrac lights on ever since I purchased it used but it never was an issue. I have researched this and found it’s just a bad O2 sensor. Additionally, last fall the rear differential lock started acting up and it has been stuck in a position that is in between locked and unlocked for a while. I have been driving it this way thru the summer and have to push the 4 wheel drive button every time I start it to disengage the 4wd. Im thinking it may be in low power mode due to the eco thinking the tires are spinning? My other thought is that the ECM itself is bad....

Any insight or previous experience is greatly appreciated.