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Rex Radar

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Jul 21, 2021
Just a quick intro;

Owner of a 2007 Limited 4X4.

Mods include:
Custom rear suspension air bags. (GX Stock bags with 1'' spacer adaptors for extra height)
Alternative air compressor using the factory air dryer and controls. (I wanted an inexpensive alternative that would be plug and playish and still be winter ready)

Mods coming soon:
Front end suspension lift. (Expect to see OME & Dobinson's combo and SPC UCA package from soon)
5th gen 4Runner / Gx Front Brake upgrades.
Bit of body hacking for some larger tires. (going to push for 35's, but I'm partial to tall and skinnys, so we will see...)

Then will hunt for more power. Likely either a super/turbo or possibly an engine swap. I would like to see either straight 6 (2JZ) or 12 cylinders (Century). While I have the skill, I don't have the time for this one so it won't happen this year.