New 1st Gen Sequoia owner - mild mods


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May 8, 2019
San Jose, CA
Hi guys- I recently purchased a used 2007 Sequoia 4wd. I paid $9000 - think I did pretty good for a Toyota truck with 97,000 miles. Seems most around here are more interested in used Land Cruisers, Tundras, and 4runners. Fine by me as I love this rig!!

I’ve gotten started to mildly modify this truck.
So far here is what I have done:

- Bilstein 5100 in front - middle setting. The top 5th setting was too nose high giving a reverse rake. Wasn’t digging that look at all- moved two notches down to the 3rd mid setting. Perfect.
- For the rears, Old Man Emu coils. I first had Bilstein 5100 for the FJ in rear- but that was mistake and short lived as the day after I took the rig on its first off-roading trip- clunk clunk clunk in the rear going over stumps, snall logs and rocks. I took those off and installed OME long travel shocks in the rear. Night and Day difference. No more sloppy road handling, smooth and just a touch firmer.
- Method NV wheels/BFG ko2
- Magnaflow exhaust
- LED Headlights and fogs
- Weathertech floormats and vent visors
Here is the before and after pics- I’m very pleased with the visual transformation that a few modifications can make to this truck. 84D6CDAE-E40A-4B8D-BBD4-5BD9D71F1C4A.jpegAB41C4F8-23A1-44D9-B85C-BD1759DD851C.jpeg4255EB0F-A5A8-432E-B925-D875AC68BD9D.jpeg
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