New 1st Gen Owner- beginning modifications


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May 8, 2019
San Jose, CA
Hi guys - I recently picked up a used 2007 Sequoia 4wd for CHEAP 97,000 on the odometer with full records- under $10k. I guess most people around these parts want Tacomas, 4runners and LCs. Fine by me I love this rig!! One previous owner in frame rust!

I’m very pleased at the visual transformation that just a few mods can do to this truck. So far here is what I have done:

- Bilstein 5100 in front
- OME 2862 coils, OME long travel shocks in rear. Made the mistake of putting on FJ 5100 in rear. That lasted for a couple days as on my first offroad trip I had rear clunking over stumps, logs, rocks. The OME took care of that right quick.
- Method NV/BFG KO2
- Magnaflow exhaust
- long tube headers
- LED hi/lo, fogs
- Pioneer Apple CarPlay

Here is the before and after:

E4E6F712-29F1-4EB3-B9FD-B76FB0DFF6E0.jpeg 4BC54A85-4BE0-462F-B880-B1E201663B90.jpeg 8324AF00-A5B6-4164-8365-63E616D156A1.jpeg
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