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My current MPG compared to stock

Discussion in '1Gen Fuel Economy' started by Jim Smola, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    So these days I'm getting 15.5mpg and that is with a ton of weight in armor, sliders,bumper, winch and roof rack as well as always carrying my fridge and cabinet system full of recovery gear and tools. When she was stock two years ago 18-19mpg was the norm. Not bad compared to a dodge Dakota that I used to have that got 13mpg☹️ And it was stock except for electric fan mod.
  2. paulstoute

    paulstoute Administrator Staff Member

    I'm interested to know what kind of roads you drive on... I'm getting closer to 12-14mpg but in the PNW there isn't a drive I can take that doesn't have some pretty serious hills going on.
  3. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    My mixed driving is pretty mild.
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  4. Soy-Quoia

    Soy-Quoia Member

    I didn't have a chance to check my Sequoia before I had my accident but I know for a fact it was better than my 13 mpg highway driving I get in my Land Rover! I'm torn on checking it after mods but after seeing your numbers above, I may get the courage. I was talkin with my brother about his modified Pathfinder. Last tank he had 7.2 mpg. He may have hit rock bottom at seeing that number!
  5. paulstoute

    paulstoute Administrator Staff Member

    wow, I'm not sure <10 Mpg would be worth it at all... sounds like he doesn't have the right gearing for a daily driver...
  6. Soy-Quoia

    Soy-Quoia Member

    Update on MPGs. I am getting right at 15.5 mpg mixed driving as well. I've been surprised to see the milage doesn't drop much around town! My last tank was only city driving and I had 14.5.

    As for my brothers rig, no it's not geared well. He gained almost 4 inches in tire, 3 inches in lift, added a roof basket, and all his gear. It will cruise down the highway ok but would benefit from regearing but it won't happen. He has less than $1000 into the entire rig and is trying to keep as low as possible. I'm not sure how long he will even have it. One things for sure, when in 4LO, that thing is a beast on the trail and that's all he cares about.
  7. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    I love love love the 4w low grunt. :)
  8. JohnieSoldier

    JohnieSoldier New Member

    I'm a steady average 15.2 mpg....when I go easy on the skinny pedal, 285/75/16, 3/2 lift, 150 plus lbs of recovery gear and my daughter dolls, shoes, shocks, sippy cups, extra clothes car seat full cheetos....lol not a prius by no means ! Lived in a state where gas was 1.19 a gal, to Socal where it's selling alil piece of your soul to fill up a gal.
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  9. McConnell-Hand

    McConnell-Hand New Member

    I was averaging 15.5 on the truck computer. Closer to 19 highway when i'm going 65. But now my cat has sh#$ the bed and my mpg's are garbage. today I was averaging 8 in the city. Anyone have a stock catalytic converter they want to get rid of?
  10. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    I have been running pacesetter cats with great success an they are much much cheaper than stock.
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  11. Scott Jackson

    Scott Jackson Member

    This is good to hear, I had both my Cats stolen (in broad daylight) and in search for replacements. I quickly welded in some straight pipes to get me back on the road, but now I have O2 code due to the difference between the bank 1 and 2, vs bank 3 and 4 values. I have been told that only Factory Cats have the right amount of change keep the MIL off. But if you're running those with success, that is great news for me.
  12. Npetric

    Npetric New Member

    Jim are you running their universal high flow cats? I am thinking of building some 2.5" cat pipes off of a set of shorty headers
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  13. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Just saw this thread, computer is never better than 12-14. I should manually check it. Im the original owner '03 limited with 144k.

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  14. Zachary Callicutt

    Zachary Callicutt New Member

    I just got 20.1 (calculated not the computer) on the last tank but that was mostly highway. I normally get around 16.5-17mpg. 2WD running 265's with lower tread
  15. I'm getting 15-16mpg with OME 2"lift and BFG AT/KO2 275/70/17 in mixed driving.
  16. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    12.5 on the last full tank. What the heck am I doing wrong granted those are mostly City miles

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  17. Zachary Callicutt

    Zachary Callicutt New Member

    I've seen 10mpg and 20mpg. Driving conditions and driving habits change the mpgs alot. I aim to push the limits and get the highest I can just because I do that in every vehicle i own.
  18. Rob

    Rob Member

    Hey Jim. Just saw this . Think I have a bad cat. With the pacesetter cats, did you have to use anything like an o2 sensor spacer extender to get it out of the stream at all?

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