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Moving on from bad habits...a simple 02.

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by thecanadiantuxedo, May 9, 2018.

  1. thecanadiantuxedo

    thecanadiantuxedo New Member

    81A2A25B-AA16-4F2B-8781-89DBCFFE1483.jpeg 512906CD-1E03-4EE9-A40F-EF1290B3FE82.jpeg So, I come from drifting basically and off roading is new to me. Looking for some simple exploring adventuring and my truck is a daily. I get caught between keep it simple and I like building race cars, but I do my best to keep things simple and budget friendly. This truck won’t be ground breaking but I like following sal and jim’s Builds and learn how the suspension works and thrives with these trucks. Chassis set up on race cars is my favorite part so naturally that carries over to these things.

    I’m coming out of a world of debt from my race car so I won’t do anything more expensive than I have to really. Plans are simple lift, good tires, armor for safety and basic maintenance. Not really looking to build an all out overland rig, just something I can take on any trail here with confidence.

    Truck currently has 5100 with 2.5” lift in the front and 1.5” spacer in rear. Considering doing lc100 spring in rear and Dobinson’s shocks. Think I’m going to keep stock arms in the back for now. Has 285/75-16 kumho at51 and 1.5” spacer with stock tundra wheels. Next up I think will be skid plates, front bumper and sliders, which I’ll probably make myself/with the help of friends 631283A2-9D91-4E03-99BD-BC8FA209AFF1.jpeg DAC529F0-1421-4A2C-82D7-898DCF7EFD46.jpeg
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  2. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Welcome to the forum! Do you still have the car or did you off-load it?
  3. thecanadiantuxedo

    thecanadiantuxedo New Member

    I currently still own it, don’t have the motivation enough to fix it and sell it. I also have a Miata that just sits as well.
  4. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Gotcha. Well I'm sure if it sits long enough you'll find the motivation to do something with it ;)

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