King Rear Shock Options

May 24, 2018
Hello all! I'm new to the forum, but I've been lurking on here for a while.

I've been doing my homework for a while on Sequoias and finally found one last week and pulled the trigger (2005 Limited 4wd w 91k miles).

Anyways, I've been looking into rear suspension options and trying to figure out if there was a bolt-in option from King that would work with a 2-3" spring out back. I'm leaning towards the OME 2862 spring.

Based on a conversation I had with Brian at Jowett Performance a while back and the info I found in Sal R's build thread, I think I found a bolt-in option but wanted to make sure I'm not overlooking anything before I order.

Based on Sal R's build thread he had said:

I've cycled the suspension from droop to stuffed with the 5125s fitted and verified that the following dimension data are the proper shock dimensions for those using OME 286x (2860, 2861, 2862, etc.) rear coils (up to 480mm free height), even with OEM rear control arms.

At stuff, you're not bottom out and at droop, you're not over-extending the shock.

Shock travel: 11.2"
Compressed length maximum: 17.1"
Extended length minimum: 28.3"

Mount Style: Stem-eye w/ 3/4" opening, 1-3/4" wide, 2-1/8" diameter

Brian at Jowett said:

"Here are the two King rear 80 Series shocks that should be a bolt in for you. They have the proper 12mm pin mount up top, and the large 19mm (?) spherical eye at the bottom. The remote rezi mounts to the body. The geometry of the Sequoia and FZJ80 is nearly identical.

25001-352 Land Cruiser 80 – 89-97 2.5” for 3-5” Lifts Rear Remote Res
(collapsed)17.044 (extended) 28.301

Seems like the valving should be pretty dang close, the lengths look good, and the mounting matches.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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