I am starting an overland build, my platform is a 2004 sequoia limited. Power! Comfort and space galore!


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Feb 9, 2019
Welcome Max! What is your endgame? Sky high or maintain lower COG? Do you have a budget? if so, What are your priorities?


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May 23, 2019
I'm going to be conservative, nothing extreme for rock crawling etc, but look at the toytec 3 inch suspension, keeping stock wheels, adding a 1.5 inch spacer to clear the 295/70r17 toyo mt, or the km3 (fighting that one as the Toyo is 257.00) which I know what the better tire is but staying on the cheap side. It really amazes me how no one builds many parts for these awesome vehicles but those that do know this and gouge the shit out of you.Debating on fabbing a bumper myself or keep original and add winch as I've seen a link for a guy making them, which is another sure subject as other than clearance and possible recovery use are overkill as well and nothing but added weight. I have a rooftop tent that's been collecting dust from my old 80 series that I'm going to try and utilize on my factory rack, as I have ample space on the inside when removing the 3rd row, an old fridge and some front and rear lights. So, essentially after all is said and done, 4000 in the truck and hopefully under 5k in the above mentioned, the goal? Under 10k which now days? A decent 80 series will far surpass! And then the additional parts?? No thanks! Been there and wont do it again, I have a feeling these sequoias are going to start being seen more often on the trail.


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Feb 18, 2019
I went with Toytec, Dobinsons are popular and proven these days. All the major brands have front ends for these things, King, Fox, ICon... pick your poison. I came from an 80 as well. I do enjoy that I don't have to fix something every weekend, but I kinda miss fixing something every weekend