Unanswered I’m just proud of the 04’ Sequoia I found.


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May 2, 2019
Winter Haven Florida
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Sorry wasn’t sure where to post this but I’ve been searching for the perfect 1st Gen Sequoia within my budget for technically about a year. I came up empty handed last November and ended up buying a Nissan Armada because it was my second choice and I was tired of riding my Motorcycle too work, lol. Anyways that was a mistake. From the get go I ended up having to replace the starter which on Armadas are a pain in the ass (I thank Nissan’s engineering team for that cluster F*ck of a design) and both manifolds because the cats were clogged and again there built as one piece. Anyway 3 weeks ago A gentleman decided to pull out into on coming traffic and I totaled out the Mada. After a few days of recovery I decided to start searching for a Sequoia again. After two weeks I still couldn’t find one in decent shape with cloth interior and relatively low miles but I did find an 02’ 4 Runner with 110k that was in perfect shape. Told the wife so I contacted the owner and we setup a meeting the next morning at 10am in Tampa. That morning I woke up early got on CarGurus and BOOM! a Sequoia had just been posted within minutes. So of course I called the 4 runner guy and apologized then we headed to see this Sequoia. This one hit pretty much all the marks, clean, 1 owner, cloth interior and well maintained even had the original floor mats and owners manual and the body was in decent shape for being 15 years old and the price was almost right. I’m very happy with my purchase, they’re are a few cosmetic things that need to be addressed but other than that she purred like a kitten on the hour and a half drive home. For some reason all the sequoias I had looked at prior to this were beat to hell, most ran good but just looked abused. Sorry for the long story but I’m definitely happy the way things turned out.


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Feb 23, 2017
Well, not so much a question, but hell, that is awesome you found such a clean one. I have had my 2004 sequoia for about 8 years now and about 100,000 miles we put on her. I think it is a great year and love everything about it. From my experience, take care of your paint! I have been playing catch up for a while from the desert sun and it destroyed my paint. I am going to rhino line the roof ( FJ style) because it got so bad. Timing belt and fluids as needed at proper intervals and that thing should go forever. Good luck. Welcome to the club.


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Oct 30, 2018
Lol, why is 04’ the best year? Granted after doing some research before buying I avoided the 01’-03’ due to know transmission issues but I would of settled on an 05’ or 06’.

Personal preference. It had what I was looking for. Mainly the manual t case and trans dip stick.

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Mar 20, 2020
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I just got a 2004 that looks almost just like yours. It's my first Sequoia, I had a '98 4 runner that I loved until I rolled it. Mine has leather interior that is in surprisingly good shape, just a little wear on the driver's seat. The previous owner had a minor wreck and the front bumper and driver's side fender were replaced. The driver's side front door has a very small crease in it that no one has noticed but me. It has 146K miles but drives closer to a new vehicle than any used car I've ever driven. Here's to both of us enjoying our new Sequoias for years to come.


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