How to request your region.


Staff member
Dec 28, 2016
Portland, OR
Here's how to ensure your request is as effective as possible.
  1. Search for your region to see if someone else has already requested it
If someone has requested to add your region already:
  1. Comment on their thread that you'd also like to see that region added (if duplicates are found the newest ones will be deleted)
  2. Only comment once so we know how many requests per region we have. If you're the only one in the region, it would be a very lonely section.
If someone has NOT requested to add your region already:
  1. Start a new thread with the region name as well as any sub-areas that might be included in that region. For example: United States - NorthWest (OR, WA, AK, ID)
  2. This will help us identify your region, who would be included in the new region and we'll be able to start tracking the demand to have the region added.

Please reply to this thread if you have any questions BEFORE creating a new thread.